In common people are three kinds of status living in all countries. The first one is high class families, second is middle class or upper middle class the third one is lower class people, in the above group, higher income people would be able to buy an independent home, and they can have home with front yard and back yard, the upper middle class people cannot afford to buy a home with garden, the lower class people cannot think about the independent home. Therefore, the construction companies started constructing home as condos, in the condos there will be three bed rooms, two rest rooms and two bedrooms, one bathroom, and single bedroom and one bathroom, price of these condos would be lower than the independent home, however there would be common front yard and common backyard, the common maintenance can be done for the homes, the secretary would be elected by the whole tenants and the secretary would take care of common lights, common water motor and common electrical problem and common septic tank problem. However, the secretary would be appointing the skills for the home based on the collection income from the tenants in this condition, if a person is able to see, gulf shores condos for sale, he would be feeing lucky, because the home would be surrounded by the water and total green environment. The price would be also less according to the selection of the home by the head of the families.

independent homes

Normally, condos are not available the reason is condos are constructed very close to the schools and colleges. The children in the family could attend to their education at the right time, they can come back soon and study at their home, this is the reason condos are liked by all class people. However the construction company would be buying the land in acres, and constructing the building only in a portion of the land and rest of the place would be arranged common interesting things. This is the reason condos are sold faster than the normal homes, and independent homes.