You might have been conscious of the word marketing funnel with the advertising funnel version your prospects give you their email or physical address in exchange for getting something free. As time passes, you move your prospects into your marketing funnel by introducing them slowly to buying your high-end products and support. By”funneling” prospects into getting paying customers, you are setting the stage to supply them with good price. The more they cover the more they get out of you and the greater the results they get. I’ve managed to grow my Twitter friends using the Twitter Search performance. I often use it to look for targeted Twitter users. I enter the keywords for the kind of followers I am following and the search will find users talking about the exact same subject in real time. I follow everyone that shows up in the search results.

Click funnels pricing

Most of those that I follow through the hunt follows me back since as soon as they assess of my twitter profile and notice my tweets interest them they follow me back. To increase your odds of a follow back, you can engage the consumers in dialog or perhaps rewet some of their tweets. If a user is interested in growing her company, and tweeted, it is going to show on my search result page that leads to me after them. The user noticed I am now following them, checks out my Twitter profile also reads my bio that says I help Women entrepreneurs around the World to earn more money in their company with Simple Profit Building Marketing Strategies. She clicks on the link to my website, reads a couple of articles, falls in love with my website and leaves a comment. That’s the simplest way to cultivate your twitter buddies with targeted followers. After 48 hours, I inflow People who don’t follow me because Twitter puts limits to the amount of people you’ll be able to follow along with after I hit that limit, I cannot follow anybody anymore until I have more followers or eliminate people I am following. I use twitter karma to inflow the no follows.

A prospect enters my Click funnels pricing by giving me their contact information in response to an incentive or ethical bribe and I have promised to give. Prospect’s contact info is stored into my database. I continue to provide value to Prospect through my ezine, and then I attempt to transition that prospect into getting a paying customer by offering them a front-end service or product, something which solves a very urgent need. If no purchase is made I continue boosting it in my ezine until a purchase was made, and that is when I have a customer.